A fire brand dancehall artiste punched Batman samini for neglecting his mother tongue.


A fire brand dancehall artiste punched Batman samini for neglecting his mother tongue.


The show stopper and a fireband dancehall artiste Nana Kwame Junior , who is known in the showbiz industry as Iman the eye of Africa.

Who has a lot of hit songs in his credit, popularly known in the northern and greater Accra Region.

During the covid peak, he won a prestigious award in United States of America (USA) with one of his song title Africa.

The awards ceremony was organized by midsouth black film festival.

The award category he won was best lyrics music video.

The amid of the covid 19 deprived him of travels to United State of America (USA) to receive the award personally, the award ceremony was conducted virtually.

The benevolent of the award package was a golden platinum plag, record deal, and physical cash.

The record label he works with, didn't let him know the exact amount of money attached to his award.

This brought a serious conflict and misunderstanding between him and his management team for he felt very disheartening and cheated.

He took his management team to a shrine in the northern part of Ghana and cursed them with seven crates of eggs and seven bottles of schnapps.

He is a man of many parts such as talent builder, content developer, and entertainment host at Ashaiman television.

The entertainment program he steer as a host is called *entertainment extra*. Most underground, upcoming artistes, launch their careers to promote their craft on his show.

Recently, he interviewed the Reggae legend shasha Marley on his show, when he said Africa politics is too dirty and lack leadership.

He granted an interview with a media house recently, for a new song has been released from his camp titled (Nissale)that is enjoying a lot of air play on radios and it is available on all digital music shops online.

In his interview with bargon TV,a program called Ghana Nkomo host by Bargon gee. He was asked why he name the title of his lattest song Nissale in a Dagaati language.

In his response to the question he said, he is a native of Dagaati, and from the northern part of Ghana,he really appreciate and respect his mother tongue and wants to promote his tribe language in his songs.

He added that the Dagaati language is very unique and sweet in the country, for it is very easy to understand and learn.

One thing he said about his tribe people which is not debatable is how respectful, loving, and peaceful they are in every place, they resided or settled.

About his disappointment in the legend Batman Samani the reggae dancehall artiste, unable to promote the Dagaati language in his numerous hit songs.

 Since he is also a Dagaati native!,

He is aiming at how he can change the narrative to promote his tribe language globally.

Looking at the world wide recongntion Batman Samani the legend had and nothing about Dagaati culture he promoted, not even about their pito

Dagaati pito is the best in the country, which business wise it can be branded for export, that will reduce the rate of unemployments in the country, and boost our economy.

He was not only disappointed in the legend Batman Samini,he gave a thumbs up to Wiyala another baddest female legend, for projecting the Dagaati brand to the world, since she is one of them.

He pleaded with Batman Samani the legend to give him the opportunity to make collaboration song with him. 

For he is rest assured that if he does a collaboration song with him in a Dagaati language,it will be the first ever music song in their language to make a hit in the music industry.

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Iman the eye of Africa.

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