About CastinostudiosGh

About CastinostudiosGh

 About CastinostudiosGh

In the cause of protecting Ghanaian Culture, Castino Studios Projects anything Ghanaian. We do News, Articles, Stories, Promotions,Advertisements, Publications on lifestyle,arts,celebrities,social issues, culture, politics, sports and more.

Castino Studios is Managed by Dj Castino, CEO of Castino Studios

Dj Castino is A blogger, Cinematographer, Sound Engineer, Digital Video Editor, Social Media Manager and Satellite Specialist.

Contents you can get on our site;

Entertainment stuffs, Promotional Materials, Brand Hyping, Events, Political contents, Music, News, Videos, Advertisements, Foods, Fashions, Lifestyle, etc...  


Phone Call: +233247064569

Whatsapp: +233247064569

Facebook:djcastino born bhard



Email: castinostudios@gmail.com

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