Castinostudiosgh: Our time was better than today - Abrewaa Nana and Kokovelli

<img src="Abrewaa Nana and Kokovelli.png"Castinostudiosgh: Our time was better than today - Abrewaa Nana and Kokovelli.">
Castinostudiosgh: Our time was better than today - Abrewaa Nana and Kokovelli

All-time Ghanaian hitmakers Abrewaa Nana and Kokovelli said they've supported each other in their time than now.

They said this on Adom TV show “Badwam” when the two artists came on the throwback Thursday edition today 30th December 2021 to promote their new songs.

According to Abrewaa Nana, there were record labels readily available at their time to promote every talented artiste in their time which is no longer the case today.

She laments about the situation today where the artiste becomes his manager, producer, Promoter, and eventually everything. 

“People always say if you invest money in an artiste, is difficult to get it back. But that is not the truth, because, sales today is better than our time and I expected to see more record labels today instead”, says Abrewaa Nana.

Kokovelli also mentioned how they all promoted each other in the past that saw them all through the hit-making story.

He continued to say that, this is not the case today. Everyone has become selfish and wants to promote himself alone.

“Today even if you featured an artiste on your song, is difficult for that artiste to share your song or even shoot the video for you which is not helping the industry”, Kokovelli lamented.

Kokovelli and Abrewaa Nana after playing their new songs Zaza remix and Jah is everywhere respectively asked Ghanaian artists to come together to help take Ghana music far.

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