Gh Media School is a threat to NAFTI and GIJ - Leslie Addo Listowell

“A picture of the CEO of GH Media School, Leslie Addo Listowell”
Gh Media School is a threat to NAFTI and GIJ - Leslie Addo Listowell

GH Media School's Chief Executive Officer, Leslie Addo Listowell, uncovered compelling insights during an interview on Joy Learning TV. 

He indicated that the fusion of the National Film and Television Institute (NAFTI) and the Ghana Institute of Journalism (GIJ) into a novel university was a strategic countermeasure against the perceived threat posed by GH Media School to the media education sector. 

This revelation transpired in a conversation with Irene Adubea Aning on the 'The Career Trail,' a program dedicated to career and entrepreneurship development, broadcasted on Saturday, November 25.

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Listowell, a seasoned professional with a marketing background, exuded unwavering confidence in his adeptness in navigating the cutthroat landscape. 

Reflecting on the nascent stages of GH Media School, he acknowledged the presence of entrenched institutions like Abro Media and Creative Land, both situated in Dansoman. 

Nonetheless, Listowell's strategic advantage emanated from the school's location in Achimota, a factor he believed bestowed upon them a competitive edge. 

He asserted that despite Abro Media and Creative Land initially being perceived as industry giants, there came a juncture where they began looking up to GH Media School.

Highlighting GH Media School's impact on the media education panorama, Listowell argued that the institution expeditiously elevated the benchmarks of journalism and production, posing a substantial challenge to the sustainability of pre-existing media schools. 

He attributed the amalgamation of NAFTI and GIJ to the tangible and operational excellence of GH Media School, particularly in its Production and Journalism Departments.

Listowell drew attention to the dearth of practical training at GIJ and the shortage of personnel for production at NAFTI as catalysts for the merger. By furnishing a comprehensive curriculum encompassing both production and journalism, GH Media School emerged as a potent force, compelling the collaboration of NAFTI and GIJ to institute a new university.

An intriguing facet of GH Media School's triumph, according to Listowell, resides in its emphasis on experiential learning over theoretical paradigms. 

He underscored the divergence between students investing four years in theoretical learning without practical exposure and GH Media School's approach, wherein students receive hands-on training in wielding cameras and other indispensable skills. 

Listowell contended that this practical orientation rendered GH Media School graduates highly sought after by employers within the media industry.

Listowell proudly asserted that GH Media School's students, armed with two years of practical training, were securing employment ahead of peers enrolled in traditional four-year programs. 

The school's graduates were in high demand, with prospective employers actively seeking animators and editors exclusively from GH Media School.

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Despite the merger of GIJ and NAFTI, Listowell retained a sense of assurance and contentment. He proclaimed that GH Media School's focus had transitioned from merely equipping students for job searches to a loftier mission of 'job creation.' 

This shift in emphasis mirrors the school's commitment to empowering its students not only to pursue employment but also to actively contribute to the burgeoning media industry.

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