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Lifehacks: What mistakes do we make in a relationship - CastinoStudios

There are unforgiving mistakes that are crushing so many relationships today.

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship then avoid the following points:

-Demanding for sex; Sex is not all in a relationship, if your partner is not ready for it, don't force it.

-Being overprotective; Don't make your care irritating, keep it simple.

-Too jealous; Jealousy can ruin everything, control it.

-Giving too much freedom to your partner; Sometimes is better to set boundaries to avoid problems.

-Don't assume your partner will change when you get married; Is better to quit now, it might be too late tomorrow.

-Be serious about attitudes and not overlook things; When your partner is showing you attitude, look for the meaning and work about it. That attitude might be the signal you need to save yourself.

-Asking for nudes online; No partner will respect you or take you seriously.

-Being afraid to walk out of the relationship; If you fail to make difficult decisions now, you will spend the whole of your life paying for it.

-Holding onto your ego; Learn to apologize and don't make your ego be the reason for losing your happiness

The above points are just a few of the numerous mistakes you need to avoid now to have a happy and healthy relationship.

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