Oxlade’s Leaked Video With Tiktok Star Rachyyveer hits the Internet (Watch Video) - Castinostudiosgh

<img src="Oxlade.png"Oxlade’s Leaked Video With Tiktok Star Rachyyveer hits the Internet (Watch Video) - Castinostudiosgh.">
Oxlade’s Leaked Video With Tiktok Star Rachyyveer hits the Internet (Watch Video) - Castinostudiosgh 

Unfortunate Nigerian Singer, Oxlade has been trending on Twitter after a video of him knacking a girl leaked on Twitter.

Oxlade, whose real name is Ikuforiji Olaitan Abdulrahman, is a Nigerian singer based outside of Lagos and was born on April 22, 1997.

Even though his father was against him starting a music career, Oxlade continued to pursue it till he won a place in Lagos State University.

Years after enrolling in the History and International Relations Department at LASU, he dropped out. His father was not pleased with this new trend, so he stopped attending to his son’s needs as a result.

Aside from his immediate dissatisfaction, his colleague's, and his parents’ disapproval, his decision to pursue a career in music were met with both skepticism and outright opposition.

After he dropped out of Lagos State University, where he was majoring in history and international relations, his parents lost interest in his wants and requirements.

However, Oxlade never quit pursuing his dream carrier until he made a name in the Nigeria Music industry for himself.

He was popularly known for his hit songs like Ojuju, Pay me, DKT, and the likes.

Oxlade, a young and talented Nigerian singer has a lovely, musical voice and a captivating stage presence.

Click the link below and Watch the leaked videos👇

Oxlade's Leaked Videos 

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