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<img src="Countryman Songo.png"Countryman Songo caught on camera smoking - CastinoStudiosgh.">
Countryman Songo caught on camera smoking - CastinoStudiosgh

A Ghanaian broadcaster and controversial TV personality, Countryman Songo has been caught red-handed smoking his lungs out in a trending video on the internet.

Rumors surrounding the trending video suggest that Countryman was probably getting himself high before entering the studio of Adom FM/TV to “fire” his deserving ones.

In the trending video, Countryman sneaked and climbed to the top of a story building to get himself high.

A lot of Ghanaians who have come across this video have expressed that they aren’t shocked at all because they knew beforehand that Countryman Songo is a serial smoker.

Check out the video below to know more๐Ÿ‘‡

Whiles some netizens are seriously bashing Countryman Songo, his fans and loved ones have also jumped to his defense.

According to these people, there’s nothing wrong with smoking and it is only a crime in Africa due to our culture.

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