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The mystery of a missing clitoris – CastinoStudiosgh

A guy, named Yakubu, has cried for assistance regarding problems in his sexual courting together with his spouse. 

Contributing to communication on Prime Morning on Joy Prime, Tuesday, regarding the screening process for cervical cancer and what to expect, Yakubu said that he has been going through difficulties together with his spouse during sexual intercourse.  

According to the guy, the spouse has sought remedy numerous times, however, no drug appears to be working for her; she pretends to moan to fulfill him.

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I got married to my spouse recently, and each time we've had sex, she tells me she doesn’t experience anything, however after I ask her the cause of her situation, she said nothing to me.

“And it’s when we’re having actual sex, however, when we’re having romance, she says she’s feeling something”, Yakubu stated.

She has attended the health facility before, and they gave her drugs, however, it didn’t work.

“Sometimes she’ll be moaning, however, after I ask, she tells me she is simply pretending. I’ve found out she doesn’t have a clitoris”, he pointed out. 

Addressing the problem on the show, Frederica Korankye, a Midwife at the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, recommended that it may be because of the woman’s low libido.

She additionally said that he could be doing something that wasn't right for the woman. She advised him to explore her further to know what turns her on. 

Madam Frederica admonished Yakubu to interact in greater communication together with his spouse, as it could allow her to talk out.

“I suppose you need to have communication together along with her. It’s feasible you’re doing something she doesn’t like, or perhaps you’re now no longer doing precisely what she desires you to do.

So simply have communication together along with her and attempt to apprehend her”, she said. 

“However, if it's true that her clitoris has been removed, nothing can be done about it”, the midwife said.

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Yakubu is advised to be clean of his spouse’s condition because it isn't her fault.

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