Improving Access: The Plea for Better Roads by Logote Basic School

“A picture of the headmaster and students working on the road”
The headmaster of Logote Basic School & students working on the road in school hours.

Logote Basic School, nestled in the heart of the Akatsi South Municipality, serves as the beacon of education for numerous students in the surrounding villages. However, the lack of proper road infrastructure leading to the school has turned both students and the headmaster into unwitting road repairmen. 

This dire situation faced by Logote Basic School, needs the government’s intervention to address the crumbling roads that connect various villages.

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The condition of the roads leading to Logote Basic School has deteriorated over time, leaving them nearly impassable, especially during the rainy season. This has had several adverse consequences for the school, its students, and the local community.

The poor road conditions have restricted access to the school. Parents often find it challenging to transport their children to school, leading to absenteeism and reduction in enrolment. Cars also struggle to navigate the dilapidated roads, impacting the students' regular attendance.

The existing road hazards pose significant safety concerns. Students walking or cycling to school are at risk due to the potholes and rough terrain. This endangers the lives of the children, making their daily commute a hazardous adventure.

When the road becomes impassable, students and even the headmaster have had to take on the unexpected role of road contractors. Valuable class time is lost as students are called upon to assist in road repairs. This not only hampers their education but also robs them of valuable childhood experiences.

The impacts of these roadblocks extend beyond the school premises. Logote Basic School is the educational lifeline for several villages, and the current road conditions jeopardize the futures of many.

The ongoing road repairs have disrupted the school's academic calendar. Continuous interruptions in classes due to road maintenance affect the students' learning progress. To create a nurturing environment for these children, it is essential to ensure consistent access to education.

The surrounding villages depend on the school for education. A lack of accessible roads isolates the community, hindering economic activities and access to other essential services. These compounds the already challenging living conditions in the area.

Dzorkah Samuel, the SMC Chairman of Logote Basic School, has sounded a clarion call to those in positions of authority. He fervently appeals to the government, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of the Akatsi South Municipality, and the Assembly member of Wute, Ahlihadzi, Lawui, and Logote electoral area to come to the school's aid.

The primary demand is the repair and upgrade of the roads leading to the school. This includes filling potholes, improving drainage systems, and ensuring that the roads remain usable even during the rainy season.

The safety of students and community members is paramount. A well-maintained road network would enable safe transportation to and from school. It would also allow for timely access to healthcare and other vital services.

With the government's intervention, students can focus on their education without the added responsibility of road maintenance. By addressing the road issue, the government can help protect the children's right to quality education.

The situation faced by Logote Basic School is a stark reminder of the importance of proper road infrastructure in ensuring access to education and fostering community development. It is not just a plea for one school but a call for the betterment of the entire community. We hope that the government and local authorities will heed this appeal and take prompt action to rectify the road issues.

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