Ama Nova said an artist should be identified easily

Ama Nova said an artist should be identified easily
 Ama Nova said an artist should be identified easily

Fast-rising Ghanaian Afrobeats/Afro-pop songstress Ama Nova, has stated that it is very important for every artiste to be easily identified.

According to her, the kind of brand you want to portray as an artiste is very important because you need something you can easily be identified with aside your talent and your voice and that can be your look.

Using herself and the soft colored mop hair she wear as an example she said, “Because of me, no one else has this type of hair in Ghana so honestly sometimes I go to places and even in the dark I’m easily identified”.

In an interview with Foster Romanus on e.TV Ghana’s Late Nite Celebrity Show she went on to say, “And I have them in different colors too. In pink, blue, green, orange, black and white and many other colors so whenever anyone sees this particular hair they know that’s Ama Nova going”.

So believes it’s very important for every artiste to be identified easily because it helps grow their brand it makes them stand out.

Ama also mentioned that, it doesn’t matter the genre of music the person makes what matters is the person building his or her brand so, “I don’t mind accepting a gospel artiste in my type of hair. I mean it’s just a wig and I always take it off when I’m home it doesn’t define who I am or who the artiste is”.

She also added that they can brand themselves in many ways be it their dressing, hair, style or any other way it should not necessarily be their hair.

She urged all artistes to make it a point to be easily identified as it makes them stand out, be unique and plays a very important role in their career.

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