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Logote Deviza: Are we leaving in the past? - CastinoStudiosgh 

Clans of Logote are writing a history that will hunt them in the face if solutions are not found as soon as possible.

Deviza is a festival among the people of Logote aimed at bringing together every native of the town to come together and celebrate their culture and teach the young ones the way their forefathers lived.

Logote, a suburb of the Akatsi District is known for farming and trading.

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The people of Logote lived in peace until clans decided to fight among themselves over land disputes.

Agbonu in collaboration with the Agbomadzi clans teamed up against the Agbevie clans and this brought divisions in the town as well as the festival. 

Speaking with the unit Committee chairman Godwin Kpobi, he said he is heavy-hearted because of all that is happening now, and he promised he will plead with the Chief and all the parties involved to patch things up as soon as possible to restore peace and unity in Logote.

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The youths are in shock. They just don’t know who to turn to.

I asked, “Is this the future we are building for our children? are we living in the past or the present?”

Elders of Logote, wake up because the youths are learning from you and tomorrow will clap for your failures if you don’t act today.

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